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DOH, DBPR and Other Administrative Agency Hearings

         I represent clients in administrative hearings before the Department of Health, Board of Medicine, DBPR and other agencies.  Many of these clients are medical professionals such as doctors and nurses.  Administrative hearings are similar to civil trials, with some streamlining of procedures and evidentiary provisions.  It is important that you have representation that is looking out for your interest, and not that of the state in general.  


Contracts, Stepparent, Second Parent and Relative Adoptions

           Surrogacy is relatively new, and a complex legal area.  This can be especially true if the intended parents and the surrogate are from different jurisdictions.

            There are two types of surrogacy, but we do strongly discourage one of them.  The one we do discourage is traditional surrogacy.  In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate uses one of her eggs, along with donated sperm or sperm of one of the intended parents, to produce the child.  Since the surrogate has a biological connection to the child, there could be problems in terminating parental rights or allowance of adoption.  I have seen some very difficult cases from this combination.

            It is much better if the surrogate has no biological connection to the child, or at least one of the intended parents has a biological connection to the child.  A surrogacy contact should be made up BEFORE implantation of the gametes or embryo. 

            A typical surrogacy contract will be very long, but it has to cover as many contingencies as possible, such as what happens in the event of the death of the intended parents, or complications during birth.  This is not a contract you should enter into lightly.  Further, both sides should have legal representation to make sure it is a fair agreement. 


            Florida does have some very favorable laws on surrogacy, so it has become a destination for some people from other jurisdictions.  In the event you are taking the child back to another country, you should have already consulted an attorney from that country to make sure you will be able to have the child enter your country.  The same goes for US citizens using international surrogates.  You will certainly do much better if you have a genetic connection to the child.  However, there have been some horror stories of international surrogacies gone awry.  Please make sure you are as informed as possible before you undertake this option.  We are certainly willing to be a part of that process to help you form your family.


             As to adoptions, this traditional way of building your family can be a much more inexpensive way to build your family.  We are certainly happy to talk to you about all forms of adoption, and see what works for your family. 



Dissolution, Child Custody, Child Support Issues

               I can represent individuals in all parts of a dissolution, child custody or child support matter.  That also can include dependency proceedings and termination of parental rights proceedings.  I have a lot of trial experience, as well as plenty of mediation and negotiation experience in the family law setting.  I have been trained in the collaborative law process, and can represent you in a collaborative divorce or other proceeding.


Chapters 7, 11 & 13

                I have experience in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, which are the majority of bankruptcies.  You are allowed to keep some assets.  If you have more than the usual in assets or income, you may need to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  For corporations and a very few high-asset and high-income individuals, you may need to consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Sometimes bankruptcy is not for you, even in high debt situations.  I will discuss your various options in any consultation. 

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